First Week of Irrigation Season Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: COID turned the water on in the Pilot Butte Canal on the 5th of April and today is the 7th, why don’t I see my water yet?
A: When we put water into the main canals it is not like a faucet and “instant water” everywhere, it is a balancing act with the river. We work closely with the Oregon Water Resources Department on this process. It is called a ramp up process where we must gradually begin to fill our canals from the river diversion points so that a large fluctuation does not occur in the Deschutes River. Therefore, if you are in the Terrebonne area, it will take 2 to 3 days from the date we turn the water into the Pilot Butte Canal until you see water in your area. Same is so with the Central Oregon Canal.

Q: I am on a rotation and my schedule says my rotation starts today, April 12th at 12:30 p.m. and I do not have water in my ditch, what do I do?
A: When the rotation schedules are generated, we do not know exactly when water will make it to each of our patrons, so all rotation schedules have the same start date. Since we are in the first week of irrigation water being released into the main canal systems. You may have to wait until the water has filled the entire main canal to take your water during your next rotation time. If your headgate has not been opened, please call the office and the request will be sent to your patrolman.

Q: As soon as I have water can I start irrigating?
A: The Ramp Up process at the beginning of the season is set by Oregon Water Resources Department and we gradually increase the flow until it is running at 50% until April 30th. Starting May 1st it is bumped up to 75% until May 14th. On May 15th it is then at 100% until September 15th (dependent on water available/water shortages). Then in the fall the ramp down process begins. So the short answer is, at the beginning of irrigation season you can fill ponds and put water in your systems and irrigate as the water is available but remember you will not have your full flow until mid-May.

Q: My headgate is not open and I am not getting water, what do I do?
A: Please call the office at 541-548-6047 and we will get a request order out to your patrolman to get your headgate opened.